Months and months ago I got asked the question by the team at K-style who I felt were some up and coming Korean actors that we should keep on our radar. I never forgot that question.


Somehow with the big overarching realization that guys in their later 20’s are all going to be going to the military for two years it seems even more pertinent to talk about young, up and coming actors. Honestly though, as I type this, it’s not altogether true. Many of these young men have been successful actors for years! Particularly so, with Lee Hong Ki and Yoo Seung Ho – these guys have been doing Korean dramas for almost as long as I’ve been watching them!

Lee Hong Ki’s first big drama break when he caught everyone’s attention for example was his character Jeremy in 2009’s You’re Beautiful. This character was so endearing that his 3rd male lead character got almost as much press coverage as the lead Jang Geun Suk’s character! Yoo Seung Ho may only be 21 but he’s known as the little So Ji Sub and has such an amazing repertoire that he really shocked everyone when he decided to go into the military early. It was a smart move though as the big drama and movie producers are already courting him a month before he gets out in order to get him signed onto their production. And best news ladies and gentleman? He’s coming back as a very manly 21 year old who has no future obligations to depart from dramaland at what is typically the height of young drama actor’s careers – 26-27. He’s here to stay!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!!! :)

#Smexy List from the Video:

5. Jung Jin Woon – 정진운
4. Kim Myung Soo – 김명수
3. Lee Hong Ki – 이홍기
2. Yoo Seung Ho – 유승호
1. Bang Sung Joon – 방성준

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  • Shaynanigans

    Sung Joon is definitely smexy. Two honorable mentions have to be:
    Seo Kang Joon (Cunning Single Lady)
    Lee Tae Hwan (Pride and Prejudice) – it’s hard to believe he’s only 19.

    • hallyuback

      Lee Tae Hwan is a young-in hahah, and def. a cuty! ^^

  • LoonyLizard

    Two actors you neglected, but I think deserve mention:
    Yoo Seung Ho (God of Study, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Operation Proposal)
    Choi Tae Joon (Padam Padam, Ugly Alert, Mother’s Garden)

    Not only have they both turned in respectable performances alongside much more experienced actors, they’re both good-looking enough to make me feel a little insecure.

  • maribella

    LEE HONG KI….!!! AKA Jeremy<3 i absolutely loved him and his character Jeremy in your beautiful! I had to order a Jeremy key chain online but it was so worth it xp! when he was crying on the bus i literally burst into tears. i hope to watch him in modern farmer! ps. i also really enjoyed Park Shin Hye! ANYWAYS…. I totally respect your list too and YOUR AMAZE-BALLS :P! ADIOS ^_^

    • hallyuback

      Gracias Maribella ^^~