Somehow, some way kissing scenes in Korean dramas keep getting better and better every year!

Seriously though, go back a couple of years and the amount of kissing scenes decreases – by a lot!  Even in making this video I know that I left some great kisses out.. Hello Descendants of the Sun. :)

That’s alright though, there will be more kisses as the dramas progress this year I am sure (since we’re only 3 months in) and with a start like this it can only get steamier!

Do you think any of these stands a chance of being one of the best kisses of the year?

Happy Drama Watching everyone!!

Full 2016 Korean Drama Kiss Scene List:
5. Moorim School “Kick Up Your Heels Kiss”
4. Remember “Promise Kiss”
3. Cheese in the Trap “Caught in the Trap Kiss”
2. Madame Antoine “Dreaming Kiss”
1. Oh My Venus “Warm and Erotic Kiss”

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