Who doesn’t love the drama kisses on the screens??? I do I do!!!!! ☺ I made this video several months earlier than writing this, and since making this Top 5 Friday it has become my # 2 all time watched video!!! YAY!!!!

5. King 2 Heart’s “Drunken Munchie Kiss”

This one is kind of like a Cinderella tale between North and South Korea. You have Lee Seung Ki and Ha Ji Won. Lee Seung Ki plays a young prince who might as well just be a K-pop star! But the truth is: they have great chemistry. I didn’t think I would actually admit this because of the huge age gap, but like this kiss – it’s not very realistic (sitting on the floor in front of a refrigerator) – but it’s still entertaining and fun. And it’s dramaland, where anything and (virtually) everything is possible.. right?

4. Love Rain’s “Fountain Kiss”

The colorful fountain in this one is almost as good as fireworks! And, the girl is kissing Jang Geun Suk! Please tell me what is not to like about this one? Of course she’s gonna drop her purse! She wants to focus on Mr. JGS’s lip action. Goodness knows THAT doesn’t happen everyday. If I were here I would have gone for multiple re-takes, you know, where they have to shoot the scene again over and over.

3. Man from the Equator’s “Bus Kiss”

I haven’t seen this drama, but I really want to! It came out the same time as King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince which is really unfortunate because.. in the ratings it never stood a chance! However, when I was looking for kisses in 2012 and doing my research, bam! This kiss was memorable.

2. I Need Romance 2’s “Making Out in the Car Kiss”

This is the second in the I Need Romance series, and both of them have some pretty dang smexy kisses.. so it was difficult to narrow down. But, I could relate to this one. Car kiss action may have been born in America if you ask me, though I’m sure by now it has caught on pretty much everywhere else. It reminds me of being in high school and the guy taking me home and not trying to get caught kissing him by the neighbors or my parents. Or this one time when I was sitting in the front of the car, and two of my friends were making out in the back, and it was just like wtf! They getting their kiss on, and I’m just sitting here. Why do I have to witness this? Of course I’m married now and can get all the ‘kisses in the car’ action I desire. And outside of the car too! 😉

1. Queen In Hyun’s Man’s “Tip Toe Kiss”

I love yellow flowers! He’s so tall, and she’s so small. And she has to get up on her tip toes to give him a smooch. There’s a lot in this one that makes me feel like this one is truly realistic. I say this because sometimes it’s quite easy to see how scripted a Korean drama kiss is when you watch it. Don’t get me wrong, I still like watching them, but let’s not lie to ourselves. This one seemed authentic more than most. And I loved that about this.

Hope you liked my Top 5. I’m curious what are yours. Leave a note in the comments to tell what were your top 5 Kdrama kisses of 2012, or even your favorite one!^^

Happy Drama Watching!