It is hot and dry in New York you guys!

I don’t know about you, but for me, along with that comes a bit of moodiness and a desire to stay inside and watch dramas. Particularly ones that not only are a bit zany enough to keep me entertained but also are full of emotions and highs and lows so I can take my feelings out in the drama and not on Richard.

For this there is nothing like a good old melodrama! I’m currently making my way through ‘Beautiful Mind’, which is a great psychological thriller. Jang Hyuk is an amazing actor ya’ll!

I’ve also just started ‘W’ with Lee Jong Suk.. since it just started airing this week. Oh my goodness! Have a feeling this might be the new “it” drama of the year that usurps Doctors for the summer and will be in contention with Descendants for the top of the Top 10 of 2016 list. I may be a little bit biased since I love the two main leads, but I am also in awe of the plotline.

What are your thoughts?!?! Are you watching any of these dramas from the list?

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

Full Korean Melodrama 2016 List:
5. W – 더블유
4. Marriage Contract – 결혼계약
3. Wanted – 원티드
2. Beautiful Mind – 뷰티풀 마인드
1. Descendants of the Sun – 태양의 후예

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