While Korean Romantic Comedy Dramas might not be your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE genre of Kdrama, if I had to guess I’d say they just might be the most popular around the world.

If you’re reading this you may have seen as many Korean Romantic Comedies as me, or even more! There are many reasons for this, but it’s partly due to how good they are and make us feel, and also partly because the Korean Entertainment industry has made so many of them! Not only that, but as time goes by, somehow, they continue to up the quality and keep us coming back!

There are actually so many Korean Romantic Comedies by now that I could not even attempt to put them all in one video. So, as I said in the beginning of this Top 5, I’m starting a new mini-series! I hope you guyz like and enjoy it!

What about you? What drama are you watching at the moment? And, what’s your favorite Korean Romantic Comedy OF ALL TIME? How about a Top 5 list? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! ^^

Full Romantic Korean Drama List:
5. Master’s Sun – 주군의 태양
4. Boys Over Flowers – 꽃보다 남자
3. Reply 1997 – 응답하라 1997
2. Kill Me, Heal Me – 킬미, 힐미
1. W – 더블유

Total Cost: Our Korean Wedding

  • http://be-your-self-mia.tumblr.com/ Muna Almasri 무나

    Lee jong Suk

  • Medha

    I can’t choose between those 2. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! If I really have to, Lee Jong Suk.

  • Alyssa Auch

    YAS girl YAS I agree with your list 100%