I couldn’t just write up a bunch of dream Kdramas and completely ignore my first love of Jdramas now could I?

Last week I uploaded a video on New 2015 Korean dramas and that was a lot of fun to make. But since for me its so hard to write Japanese dramas since I haven’t seen as many in recent years, and because with the exception of Japanese detective dramas, of which there are A TON of that come out on a regular basis, the dramas tend to be about almost anything and everything.


One of the reoccurring themes we do see somewhat in Japanese dramas are dramas based off of mangas. So that’s what these 5 from this list as written around.

I’ve long been a fan of manga. Frankly, I’ve been a fan of manga as long as I’ve been a fan of dramas. Before I came to Korea, when I was in college, I used to buy Shojo Beat magazines at the grocery store, as well as some manga books. At one point in time I had so many Shojo Beats that I wall papered an entire wall of my dorm room with only the red pages of Honey and Clover. Considering its printed in red and blue, that’s a feat.

Unfortunately they don’t make Shojo Beats available in the US anymore I don’t think. Not that I would know living in Korea and being unable to buy it here, in English as least.

So for this video, I delve back into a few of my favorite mangas as well as a few of some new mangas that have come out. I chose some of my favorite storylines and rehashed them, starring my favorite Japanese actors and actresses.

I really hope you smexy peeps enjoy the list! I have a BIG announcement coming up in the next several days and I’m super excited to share it with you! I have to keep mums the word for now, but you’ll all know soon enough. ☺

Thanks for all the continued support and Happy Drama Watching everyone!

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