For the past several years I’ve done this thing where partway through the year I make a list of Korean dramas that I think they should make the next one. Reading as many plot summaries and watching as many dramas I find that coming up with my own prose is not only entertaining but it makes me really think about some of the elements and story arcs that I watch. Not to mention it’s always enjoyable choosing my own cast of characters and OTPs!


Here’s my 2016 list of Korean dramas that they should totally make. They’ve never made one of my dramas before but I don’t know.. maybe someday one of drama writers might catch wind of my hypothetical dramas and try to make it? I could only hope!

I specifically think that Korea should continue to do food dramas – who doesn’t like to look at food? But I think the Let’s Eat should be changed up and it shouldn’t follow the same format. I also think that with the large number of Korean adoptees that are now reaching their 20’s and some of them returning to Korea, I think it would be an interesting premise. This is my inspiration for The Taste of Food.

For The Common Princess, I was trying to find a good story from Korean history that had a strong and relatable female character that would make for a historical drama. I fell in love with the story of Princess Pyeonggang and her husband and how she chose to forge her own path along with her husband and together rise up. This made me think of Park Shin Hye because while she’s done historical movies, I couldn’t think of a historical drama like that that she’s acted in. Also, I love seeing her in strong roles.

Coming Back was inspired by Song Joong Ki himself and all of those who have served in the Korean military and haven’t made huge comebacks. He went into the military quite popular with Innocent Man but I am waiting to see what his return in October brings. In the case of Hyun Bin who was one of the number one stars when he joined up, he had a popular movie after he left his service but his drama was less than amazing. It’s hard especially with young actors coming up to stay in the spotlight. I can only imagine if one was suffering from PTSD like many former soldiers around the world.

Reply 2002 is inspired by Richard. I love the Reply series and he was in Korea just after the world cup that year. Throughout our years together, he has told me stories of what Korea was like back then and how different it was from the Korea that we were experiencing. I can also relate to being a young person then because I was in high school – computers and gaming were all the rage and I have multiple photos from the time of me sitting in front of our desktop. It’s also fun because it was the year that one of the biggest dramas to ever come out of Korea was released. Winter Sonata continues to be a huge draw for tourists all over the world and throughout Korea.. still amazed I haven’t seen it yet!

Lastly, The Gamer is because I think it’s such a fun manhwa drama concept. It would of course almost have to be a TvN drama because it’s clearly something designed for younger people to enjoy. However all over Korea, people of all ages play phone games including RPGs on their cellphones – trust me, I’ve seen it! What would life be like if you really did live in a role playing game?

So this is how my mind operates, at least with trying to come up with dramas I’d envision would be great to see! What would be your ideal drama?

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    school 2015

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    School 2015

  • Helena

    That’s so cool, I honestly though they were actual dramas that have been announced. I was so sad when I realised they were only Ideas. I have been into Korean dramas for a while, as well as being a fan of many idol groups. Because I’m a fan of youth romance/school dramas, I always imagined a drama about Idols at school. Not like Dream High though. I liked the Idea of something realistic that people like idols could relate. In my fantasy drama, a girl who was an inspiring idol in japan attends a band in which they debut young girls and they train when they perform every day. The girl would attend a large performing arts school in the capital city of Korea where she would meet a fellow idol, who is part of a large boy band. I imagined it as a drama that would gibe light on things such as plastic surgery, dangerous diets and the kind of darkness behind the idol world.

  • Dharma

    I’m confused. Are these real dramas or ideas?

  • Dharma

    I see! They’re ideas! I love the first idea. The Taste of Food. I would so watch that.