Summer is in full swing and many new exciting Korean dramas are coming out next month to keep things rolling!


It looks like there are going to be two big types of dramas that they’re focusing on in July – the inspiring drama and the fantasy drama. With Seoul currently dealing with a lot of troubles with a health epidemic, corrupt politicians, and human rights issues it is almost good timing on the part of Kdrama makers to put out several dramas who help people to believe in those who are government employees. The stories D-day and Assembly look like they may in fact just do that. There is a lot of potential for these dramas to be popular in Korea, and they could also be great stories of hope that go beyond the borders of Korea.

I’m really more excited about the fantasy dramas coming out in July though. Oh My Ghost looks like it’s going to be a great romantic comedy that features ghosts, and goodness knows we haven’t had one of those since Master’s Sun back in 2013! But really more than anything I’m anticipating the release of Scholar Who Walks at Night. With a popular and beloved manhwa basis, some historical fantasy, the sci-fi element of vampires which is all the rage right now and fantastic casting – this appears to have the ultimate set up for a popular and epic Kdrama. Now it all rests in the writing and directing.. will they pull off a drama of the ages?

Full List from the Video:
5. I Order You – 당신을 주문합니다
4. Assembly – 어셈블리
3. D-Day – 디 데이
2. Oh My Ghost – 오 나의 귀신님
1. Scholar who walks at night – 밤을 걷는 선비

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  • irilight

    I am most excited for Assembly from scriptwriter Jung Hyun-Min, who wrote President and also Jeong Do-Jeon, and worked in the National Assembly for some 10 years. Also, this is Jung Jae-Young first appearance in a drama – ever! And Jo Jae-Hyeon will have a cameo in it. My 2nd excited over is “Late Night Restaurant” which is based on the Japanese series. It has Kim Seung-Woo, Choi Jae-Sung, (how I loved him in Time Between Dog and Wolf…), and Winner’s Nam Tae-Hyun. Also, Ji Jeen-Hee, Oh, Oh Ji-Ho and Nam Ji-Hyeon will have guest appearances in “Late Night Restaurant.” I totally love Lee Joon Gi esp. and the rest of the leads from Scholar. Fights between Lee Joon Gi and Lee Soo-Hyuk should be mesmerizing. I am just not a vampire genre fan, but will try for Lee Joon Gi