Well, the summer is officially over! Social media is filled with stories of kids going back to school and Korean universities across the peninsula start next week. September is almost here and so it’s my favorite time again – the time to tell you guys about some great new dramas coming out!


The funniest part of making this video actually came shortly after the video itself was finished and the editing process started. I realized that I forgot to talk about not one, but two dramas! Two! So while I want to talk about all the fantabulous dramas that are coming out that I already talked about in the video, I’m going to tell you instead about the two dramas I didn’t know about.

The first one I discovered that I had overlooked is called “The Spring Day of My Life”. It stars Sooyoung of Girls Generation (her last drama was Cyrano Dating Agency) as a woman who had to have a heart transplant who meets the husband who’s heart she received played by Kam Woo Sung. Frankly, I don’t know him much as an actor since he hasn’t done anything since 2011, but I have seen him in clips from The King and the Clown. Anyways he plays a man who’s wife passed away leaving behind himself and their two kids. If there’s a strong indication that this drama is going to be great it’s that a. Kam Woo Sung is coming back after 3 years, b. it’s a melodrama and c. it’s following Fated to Love You! Here’s hoping it’s great!

The second drama that I totally missed is “Greatest Marriage”. This one stars Park Si Yeon of Innocent Man as a female news anchor who voluntarily chooses to become a single mother. Bae Soo Bin plays her news desk partner. You may recognize him from such dramas as Secret Love, Dong Yi and Shining Inheritance. The other guy who’s in the mix is the very androgynously smexy No Min Woo. In the few stills I’ve seen there’s some hot and steamy action between him and Park Si Yeon. But, this drama is supposed to be all about four different couples so we will see!

Regardless, I think the biggest drama to watch is going to be Krystal and Rain’s drama, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be multiple dramas worth watching. I feel that Korea is really trying to outdo themselves this year.. and I’m not complaining!!

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Full list of dramas from the video:

5. Secret Door – 비밀의 문
4. My Secret Hotel – 마이 시크릿 호텔
3. Iron Man – 아이언맨
2. Discovery of Love – 연애의 발견
1. My Lovely Girl – 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀

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    I love ur YouTube video it really help me a lot to chose what to watch.P.S love ur cat ❤️✌️

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      My goal is to help people! I remember how hard it was to find good dramas to watch when I first started watching dramas. Glad I can help! ^^

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    What about The Greatest Wedding with Park Si Yeon, Bae Soo Bin, No Min Woo?
    Secret Door and My Secret Hotel on my desired list. I also like Sung Joon but I find Discovery of Love unbearable. My Lovely Girl is on my Maybe list.. a drama populated by idols? not sure about that.

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    hello i would like to suggest you a good drama FATMAGUL SUCU NE? its Turkish and i promise you will like it. its about 4 guys raping an innocent girl and one of the guys should take the responsibility.