I love Taiwanese Dramas. My love for them actually goes back further than that of Korean dramas as I started watching them shortly after I started my Japanese Asian drama watching hobby. In recent years, they’ve often been overshadowed by the more popular Korean dramas, but honestly some of the best stories in Asian dramas have come out of Taiwan.

For example, in 2014, Korea decided to remake 2 very popular Taiwanese dramas: My Queen which became Witch’s Romance and Fated To Love You which kept its original title. These two became huge hits in the Korean drama world – and I’m not surprised in the slightest! While Taiwanese dramas have kind of fallen by the side, I still hold out hope that they’ll regain their shining spotlight and some of these stories could have the potential to do just that!

I have to admit, I’ve only actually seen the trailer to one of these dramas – Someone Like You. I’ve liked Kingone Wang for quite awhile, circa his second lead role in both Devil Beside You and Why Why Love. Both of which, I used to watch repeatedly back in my undergraduate days. But Someone Like You looks dramatic but at 20 episodes also looks really palatable and easy to watch if you like well done melodramas. Regardless, no country (Korea included) does a hopeful melodrama quite like Taiwan. Japan has the tragic sadness, Korea has the brutality, but Taiwan.. I don’t know, when they do a great drama they master it!

Full List from the Video:

5. Constellation Women Series – Aries Woman – 星座女人系列-牡羊座的女人
4. My Ghost Friend – 我的鬼基友
3. Heart of Steel – 鋼鐵之心
2. Someone Like You – 听见幸福
1. Ai Ni Zai Tianling – 愛你在天亮

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  • UtahanLovingKorean

    I’ve watched the first two episode “Someone Like You”. The two women are apparently twins separated at birth(?) – anyway the first girl was the fiance of the main guy. He was driving and they were in a car accident. He is blinded and she dies as a result of the accident. The doppleganger looks just like her – so apparently the two are sisters but never knew of each other. Sorry – my English isn’t so great today. Anyway you get the jist of it. I still like Kdrama’s more. But when I run out of shows I want to watch then I try out Twdramas and JDramas for fun. Still wish they’d pay more for the music scores and some of the sound equipment – and spend less time on intros to the show.

    • hallyuback

      Haha I watched the 20 minute preview after I recorded this video and it’s off the hook!

  • irilight

    I hardly ever watch anything but Korean drama. But I am looking forward to The Imperial Doctress.

    • hallyuback

      I did not know about this one – it looks lovely!!!

  • Karen Shortell

    After ;just the first two episodes of Someone Like You, I am completely hooked. It is one of my 3 favorite dramas currently playing . I do agree with UtahanLovingKorean about the music and intros in
    Taiwanese dramas. They both need some improvement.

    • hallyuback

      It looks like it’s going to be amazing!

  • NewKDramaAddict

    So there for Ai Ni Zai Tianlang for Annie and George. Your reaction to Someone Like You description was the same as mine. How is it if your blind you recognize your dead lover’s doppleganger? I think the last might be the only one I’ll watch!

    • hallyuback

      The preview did look great however!

  • https://instagram.com/mikedo2007/ mikedo2007

    I do have plan to watch Someone like you on Hulu/Dramafever at some point (it’s been a while since I watch T-dramas). About the plot for Someone like you, the plots does have a “Korean” feel into it, I know it’s not a remake of a Korean drama. But given the plot for that drama, I would say a Korean remake could happen at some point since 3 Taiwanese dramas: In time with you, defeated queen, and Fated to love you all got Korean remake. There’s rumor that Autumn’s Concerto may get a Korean remake. So it’s very likely Someone like you could get a Korean remake in the future.

  • Jm_pinkmworago

    please~ what happened to ai ni zai tianlang though? TT.TT