My love for Taiwanese dramas often gets overlooked for Korean dramas due to their popularity. But lately and I guess most appropriately I’ve been on a big TWdrama kick.


My current favorite to watch which remains on this list because it’s airing through spring is Marry Me or Not. I’ve already seen the first 11 episodes- and while the one episode a week is torturous, so far, it’s worth it! Alice Ke is gorgeous and talented and I’m liking the subliminal message that the ideal girl can be strong willed, capable and authoritative. I love strong female drama leads and this one thus far is a great example!

Have you been watching any Taiwanese Dramas? What’s your current favorite? Or, what’s your favorite Taiwanese Drama of all time? Let me know! ^^

Full List from the Video:
5. Back To 1989 – 1989一念間
4. Taste of Love – 唯一繼承者
3. Be With Me – 舞吧舞吧在
2. Thirty Something – 我的30定律
1. Marry Me Or Not – 必娶女人

Happy Drama Watching everyone! :)

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