First things first I want to thank Tanya for her AWESOME suggestion! This is perfect timing because I’m totally on a Noona drama romance kick. I’m actually currently watching the number 5 drama on this list ☺

Yet, another reason why I couldn’t rank it any higher on the list than number 5. So far, it’s a fantastic drama I very much recommend, if you haven’t seen it of course. Dated, but not without its charm.


This list did indeed make very good sense to talk about now. You know, Noona romances aren’t just a Korean drama thing: it’s an Asian drama thing. And actually, some of my favorite Noona romance’s come from other countries, but that doesn’t stop me from loving my Korean Noona romances.

For instance, Gokusen is the first one I think of from Japan in part because it’s the first drama I ever watched. It made such an impression on me that I kept watching Asian dramas, and now I’m an Asian drama addict. There were some of the cutest guys in Japan that I had never seen before EVER, that to this day are still some of my favorite Japanese actors of all time. Talk about making a good first impression.

Another Japanese favorite of mine is My Queen, which is the one that was adapted from Japan to make Witch’s Romance.

Regardless I love going back and talking about these dramas because, I’m getting to be a Noona. Okay, I may not be a Noona quite yet, but sometimes it sure feels like it, especially now that my former college students are getting married. In addition, as someone who used to teach at a college, I would never really consider a younger guy. I personally always preferred dating older guys (aka Richard), but it doesn’t mean I don’t like to look at cute younger guyz and think ‘Aww he’s co cute!’

This list has two of my favorite guyz in their twenties: Sung Joon and Lee Jung Suk. And Gong Yoo too, but now he’s an oppa lol. But he was cute when he was younger.. shit, he’s still cute. Very cute.

Got a good recommendation for a Top 5 Friday theme? Drop a note below, on our Facebook page or in the comment section on this YouTube video. I’m always looking for fun, fresh ideas, and I may just pick yours and give you a shout out.

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And of course, Happy Drama Watching! ☺

Full list from the video:

5. Biscuit Teacher Star Candy – 건빵선생과 별사탕
4. I Do, I Do – 아이두 아이두
3. I Need Romance 3 – 로맨스가 필요해
2. Witch’s Romance – 마녀의 연애
1. I Hear Your Voice – 너의 목소리가 들려

the bloopers

  • Jill

    I adore Noona dramas. My absolute favorite is Last Cinderella!!! (Yeah, I know it’s Japanese, but it’s still my favorite) Of the 5 listed, it’s a tie for me between I Hear Your Voice & I Need Romance 3. I’ll watch either of them over & over.

    • Jill

      OH! I’d also like to suggest a top 5 – Top 5 Korean Drama re-makes (I’m LOVING the Three Musketeers right now).

      • hallyuback

        That’s a good recommendation! Thanks for it, I will look into making a list for it! ^^

  • Arthea Emory

    So…I’ve only seen two Gong Yoo dramas, not including his cameo in Cyrano and three of his movies. HE’s HAWT!!! LOL…as i’ve said before, I watch the bloopers as I write my comments…maybe they’re kissing cousins(rimshot). Being a Noona (i’m slowly entering the ahjumma age range) I am ALL for the Noona romances!!! They give me hope…*sigh*

    Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Nice Guy/Innocent Man, Personal Taste, MOST ANY DRAMA WITH KIM SUN AH!!! Kim Sun Ah with Hyun Bin(My Lovely Sam Soon), with Lee Dong Wook(Scent Of A Woman), with Lee Dong Gun(When It’s At Night…although they were about the same age). How about Pretty Man? JGS was with a LOT of noonas in that drama. Oh My Lady with Choi Siwon….I could go on…but it’s getting close to this noona’s nap time….seriously, i take a 20 min to 2 hour nap everyday.

    TOP 5 SUGGESTION…Rearview Mirror Dramas. A drama you passed on but went back to either because of suggestions or growing popularity. *cough cough* Secret Garden *cough cough*

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!!!

    • hallyuback

      hahahahahaaaa I still haven’t seen Secret Garden….. You keep commenting and I’ll keep replying, or always trying to anyways haha :)

  • irilight

    I generally do not like Noona Romance drama and I am in the minority in that I totally hated I Hear Your voice. I love Lee Bo-Young and I like Yoon Sang-Hyun. I thought she (her character) was totally out of her mind to choose Lee Joong-sook over him. I do not mind a young man who is no longer a minor going out with an older woman. But a drama about a high school student hooking up with a woman 8 years olden is frankly disgusting to me. I would not like my little brother to be with such an older woman. And in both the U.S. and in Europe that woman will be in jail for robbing the cradle so to speak. Only in Korean Drama Land such thing is celebrated as wonderful.

    For Noona Romance give me a guy who is no longer a minor, and is past 18 – I’d find that much more agreeable. (not in real life, but in the story). But frankly I cannot understand women who between the choice to be with a man or a youngster child choose the later.

  • Mabaydar

    You should include my all time favourite Dal Ja’s Spring…… I couldn’t get tired of the chemistry between Chae Rim and Lee Min Ki