If you’ve been a fan of Korean dramas for any length of time, you may know the popularity and love for the genre that I can only call “Rich Guy, Poor Girl”.

Basically it’s the kdrama version take on the Disney princess story. You have some guy who may or may not be completely flawed with a bad attitude, but that deep down has a pure heart and a girl who’s biggest flaw is that she’s poor.. and thus could never end up with such a guy.  It’s completely cliche and can breed into unhealthy fantasies, but can also be really freaking enjoyable to watch.

This list includes several which I couldn’t be more excited about – Tomorrow With You (which may or may not have a poor girl) is one, which includes sci-fi elements with romance and Shin Min Ah – one of my favorite actresses!

But really I’m most excited for the prospect of Bride of the Water God.  I stayed up many a night reading this absolutely beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written manga/manhwa and I REALLY am incredibly over the moon that it is going to be made into a drama.  I haven’t seen anything that included such elements since Arang and the Magistrate – but this to me is an even better story overall.  Plus if they do justice to the costumes, this could be one of the most beautiful dramas ever made – *fingers crossed!*

What about you? Which Rich Guy Poor Girl Korean Dramas are you most excited for this year? Which ones are your absolute favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

Full List from the Video:
5. Tomorrow With You – 내일 그대와
4. Introverted Boss – 내성적인 보스
3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – 힘쎈여자 도봉순
2. My Secret Romance – 애타는 로맨스
1. Bride of the Water God – 하백의 신부

  • Charlotte Robinson Bagley

    Man to Man is being broadcasted, but I have not seen it on VIKI or DramaFever, Does anyone know where it can be viewed?

    • Ruby

      You can check kissasian