I’m definitely a Kpop fan, but not as much as I am an Asian drama fan. Nevertheless, throughout the world it cannot be denied the popularity of Kpop. Just look at how Psy recently blew everyone out of the water with Gangnam Style.

So when I was brainstorming new possible topics for Top 5 Fridays, I thought ‘Why not do a cross between some of my favorite Kpop idols, and the dramas they have been in?’ Perfect! Now why hadn’t I thought of this earlier..

The Top 5 list:

5. Kim Ryeo Wook

He isn’t super well known for being in dramas, but he was in the 2008 Bejiing Olympic’s Tribute Drama Stage of Youth, and that’s not nothing. I have a feeling his drama resume is going to grow. I can just feel it.

4. Lee Sung Min

Sung Min has been in 5 dramas that’s I know of, including 2005’s ‘Sister’s of the Sea’, and ‘The President’ in 2010. He’s done more musical theatre than dramas, but I haven’t seen any of those. I do want to see ‘The President’ tho, I’m thinking that one could teach me a thing or two about the political process here that I just don’t know that much about. Yea, I’m a nerd I like learning things.

3. Zhou Mi

This guy has it going on! He has also been in 5 dramas, including ‘Stage of Youth’, ‘Melody of Youth’, and ‘When Love Walked In’. I have heard that he is very popular in China. When Love Walked in is one that I definitely want to see, because not only is he in it, but also the very smexy Calvin Chen as well. Oooooh yeah, a double dose of sexy!

2. Lee Dong Hae

This man needs to introduction by me or anyone else at this point. He’s done 6 dramas, including ‘Ms Panda and Mr. Hedgehog’ (a Kdrama), ‘Skip Beat!’ (a TW drama), ‘It’s Ok, Daddy’s Girl’ (a Kdrama), and also ‘Stage of Youth’ (a Cdrama). He’s one of the original members of Super Junior and he’s all over Asian dramas. So I say lets all get together and have a Dong Hae swoon fest, I’d be down for that!

1. Choi Si Won

I like me older men sometimes (just look at my husband!) so Si Won is my all time fav on this list. He’s been in 13 dramas, and if that’s not enough, he sings beautiful melodies. *more swooning going on over here* haha

Some of his dramas include:
The King of Dramas
Skip Beat!
Athena: Goddess of War
Oh! My Lady
Stage of Youth
Legend of Hyang-dan
Spring Waltz
Eighteen, Twenty-Nine

I know I said this in the video but Ima say it again: Total stud.  There I said it again ha!

  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    I love SUPER JUNIOR. I’m an E.L.F :)))