It’s Taiwanese drama wrap up time!!! OMG I can’t believe its December already! It’s going to be a busy two weeks and then I can focus on the holidays and all the drama watching I’ve been putting off this semester! That’s part of why I’m so excited for this video.


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Though they are some of my favorite stories of all of the big Asian drama countries, Taiwanese dramas are unfortunately also usually pretty long and air over the course of several months. Because of this they tend to get pushed back on my own personal drama watching schedule until I have time and then I just marathon them one after the other. Personally while I’ve seen at least parts of a few of these, and some others that have not made the list, I’m really glad and excited for this top 5 just so that I can marathon all of the best Taiwanese dramas without having to pick through all of my own Top 5 Friday previews and get the best of the best! I’m sure some of you are with me.

True, there could be some sway where popularity can exclude a great drama or a drama that I won’t necessarily like will be a favorite just because it’s super popular or was advertised better than the others. That being said, with 5 in this list, they can’t all be bad. There’s definitely got to be some great dramas in this Top 5 with your hundreds of votes supporting them!

Speaking of all of the amazingly awesome dramas I’m going to be watching starting the 20th of December. I’m going to be updating my Tumblr over the winter to keep you all posted on what I’m currently watching and what I think – as well as talking about them during the live chats, so STAY TUNED! I really can’t begin to express to you how excited I am to get back into the swing of all things drama related. As much as I’ve been on top of them I still feel like I’m sitting in the sidelines, and by that I mean I totally need a break from schoolwork. Ok, I’m talking in circles now so I’ll end with this.. here’s your list, yay Taiwanese Dramas!!!

Here’s the full list you guys voted for, from the dramas that received the most votes to those that got the least:

1. Just You
2. Love Around
3. Fabulous Boys
4. Déjà vu
5. King Flower
6. Borrow Your Love
7. The Queen // Two Fathers (tie!)
8. Second Life
9. Spring Love
10. A Good Wife
11. Amour et. Patisserie
12. Happy 300 Days
13. Home
14. PMAM

the bloopers:

  • natalia

    definitely love ”love around” ! haven’t watched ”just you” but maybe i should now 😛 i am a big fan keep up the amazing work!

    • hallyuback

      Just you is great from what I’ve watched so far! Thank you so much for the support Natalia! ^^

  • Melinda Lipinski

    hmm I havent seen Fondant garden…maybe i’ll have to watch it now…as always awesome job