5. Goong S

Goong S is a spinoff of a very popular drama named Goong. The original Goong was a alternate universe Cinderella story where a poor high school girl marries the crown prince of Korea. .. except Korea doesn’t have a crown prince anymore because S. Korea isn’t a monarchy. But Goong S to me was kind of like they tried to recycle the whole storyline with a woman queen and a poor guy, but it didn’t have the cutsy appeal. The idea of a guy marrying a woman several years older than he just because she was a queen.. I don’t know if it was the directing oir the screenwriting or acting, it just didn’t translate well.

4. 1% of Anything

I felt like they gave this entire drama about 1%. They really didn’t try as well as they could have. It’s about a middle school teacher who helps an elder man who turns out to be a rich CEO who decides to marry her off to his grandson. Perfectly believable if you ask me.. actually wait, no – what the heck am I saying?

3. Fashion King

This one had everything going for it in the beginning. It had a good looking cast that everyone wanted to see. It had fashion which is an extremely popular topic. And it even took place in Dongdaemun! Lots of potential there. But the chemistry amongst some of the characters, wasn’t quite there, and the plot was bad in my personal opinion. Too whiny and way too much jealousy. Oh, and did I mention how bad the ending was? At least that’s what I heard from some of you because I never made it all the way through this!

2. Ice Girl

I remember way back when I was a kid when people on TV would talk about freezing people. I mean, take futurama for example. That was some of the coolest renditions of freezing people and bringing them back in the future. But translating it into a drama where a guy that the main character falls in love with before she gets frozen.. She wakes up years later only to fall in love with his son. Both father and son are both in love with the same woman. Creepsville if you ask me. And again, the ending is terrible. She causes a divide between dad and son and then dies, in the processing messing up their family. It just goes to prove that coming back to life might not be the best choice. We are (somehow) al meant to die and if you cheat reality, it just really isn’t meant to work.

1. Ireland

When I first heard the song Danny Boy in this one I almost puked! This one is about a westernized Irish adoptee who doesn’t speak English very well and stands there and watches her family die in front of her before returning to Korea. There (here) she meets and falls in love with her biological brother. ‘Nuff said.