One of my favorite videos to make throughout the year is always the kissing Top 5! There are plenty of reasons that I like the kissing videos: I get to go completely without a script and improv, I get to screen through a lot of kissing videos and in turn find some dramas I’ve missed out on. Most of all, I love that you guys seem to really like these videos!


This is probably one of the more “Steph pushing the boundaries” top 5 videos that I’ve made. This is because there are not one, but two same gender kisses. I always like to point out when I think that Korea is doing something that I feel is good for their society and those who are minority groups. Last year it was the incorporation of psychological dramas that were somewhat authentic and tackled real issues in a positive manner. Well Korea has gone a bit overboard with the psychological dramas since then if you ask me – though some great dramas have come out of it. I just wonder if psychological care is getting less taboo to use and if the national health care will ever cover it.

This year the directors have started pushing the button of lgbt issues a little bit more. My number 6 choice from Kill Me, Heal Me doesn’t exactly fit into this category. Ji Sung’s character had dissociative identity disorder and one of his personalities was a boy crazed outspoken teenager. I included it because it showcased his amazing acting skills, and was so funny that I remembered it weeks later. I also think that it’s slapstick enough and so brief that its not really offensive to anyone but rather might make them smile.

My number 4 choice however is a bit more controversial – so much so that I made an entire other video about it with Richard when it came out.

Having had Korean lesbian friends in South Korea, I can’t help but think that while this may raise some ire, at least it gets the conversation started in a country where some still believe lgbt doesn’t exist! Besides, it really was one of the more smexy kisses so far this year – though it totally reminded me of the first girl kiss that I witnessed in high school between girls at their lockers in the hallway – Not something you would see in south Korea!

So far it’s not a bad start kissing-wise to what is looking to be a great year in Korean drama land. But while the scripts and acting have often been blowing my mind, I think the romance and kisses could be a bit smexier in the future. What are your thoughts?

Happy Drama Watching everyone! :)

Full List from the Video:
6. Kill Me Heal Me “Oppa Kiss”
5. Jekyll Hyde and I “Puppet Kiss”
4. Seonam High School Investigators “Lesbian Breakthrough Kiss”
3. Spy “Heating it up in the Kitchen Kiss”
2. Fool’s Love “Smexy Harbor Romance Kiss”
1. Healer “I’ll Heal You Kiss”

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