A bunch of the drama videos I make are about the new dramas that are coming out. You know, the ones that you should TOTALLY check out! ..Or maybe not. You know, because it’s new. It’s exciting! It’s popular to want to see the new stuff, the freshest dramas, the newest faces.


And one thing I get a lot from you guyz are questions about great dramas that you should watch. While new dramas are great, there are a lot of dramas that are already out there that are worth seriously looking into, especially if it’s a drama you haven’t seen yet.

One of the things I’d like to try to do this summer is talk a little more about some of these dramas from years past that I haven’t necessarily gotten a chance to talk about before.

So I thought I’d start with this video because while there are some newer ones on this list, drama remakes are good for a reason. If the story wasn’t good, they would remake them. Unfortunately, they also have a lot of hype to live up to. So remakes are great, and some fall short to the original.

For instance, the ‘Itazura Na Kiss/Playful Kiss series. It came out first in Japan a long time ago, and it was terrible. They Taiwan did it with Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng and it was amazing. I watched it multiple times. And it was smexy. It may be one of the smexiest dramas I’ve ever seen. Then came Korea’s version. Honestly guyz I’ve seen bits and pieces here and there, but I haven’t really made it through too many full episodes because unfortunately these two kids really don’t have the chemistry factor going in their favor.

Some like Boys Over Flowers, maybe you’ve heard of it. It has so much hype around it how could you not? Overall, each version is unique and good in it’s own accord….. with the exception of the American version. I don’t recommend watching it. It fell very flat.

Some of these I put on the list because I thought you may not have heard of them. Or at least not the dramas they are based off of, such as Dragon Sakura since it’s from 2005, or Take Care of the Young Lady (My Fair Lady) which was originally Celeb To Binbo Taro. The latter was one of my favorite dramas when I first started watching them. I loved the concept of the rich girl with the poor guy, especially because there are so many rich guy poor girl dramas. And it had Yoon Eun Hye, one of my favs. Oh, and it features designer fashion from that time, too which is kind of cool. One of the most high fashion dramas I’ve seen.

If you’ve seen any of these, which one did you enjoy watching the most? Or, if there’s a remake that you love that I didn’t mention in the video, let me know!

Happy Drama Watching everyone! ☺

Full List Here:

6.Playful Kiss – 장난스런 키스

5. Witch’s Romance – 마녀의 연애

4. God of Study – 공부의 신

3. To The Beautiful You – 아름다운 그대에게

2. Take Care of the Young Lady – 아가씨를 부탁해

1. Boys Over Flowers – 꽃보다 남자

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