Oh Taiwanese dramas! Though your dramas are some of my favorites of all time I feel that I’ve sadly neglected you over the course of 2013. Therefore in 2014, one of my goals is to watch more Taiwanese dramas. For those of you who haven’t seen a Taiwanese drama before, they tend to be a bit longer, and veer a bit more to the extreme. Though at times the off the wall comedy can get annoying if that’s not your thing, these dramas also tend to be the smexiest of the lot! And I like that they tackle topics that are usually more taboo in Korean dramas for example.


If you’re new to this genre, I can think of a lot of great dramas but like dessert sometimes you got to work your way there to appreciate it fully. (Also sometimes the best dramas overshadow the other good dramas and can ruin the whole lot!) Though I may be wrong, this week’s list I think holds a few that might be some great appetizers on your way to becoming a Taiwanese drama fan.
* Note: If you are already a Taiwanese drama fan, here are a few to add to your list! *

There are several mentions in this week’s list that I’m really intrigued by. The first is Marry or Not. For those of you who don’t know Xiu Xie Kai, he’s a fantastic actor who’s been in the business for quite a while and you can see his face in some of the best Taiwanese dramas including Mars and They Kiss Again.

I also am really interested in Chocolat and put it in the number one position because frankly, for new Taiwanese drama watchers I think that this one could have the most appeal. 13 episodes for a drama is actually short and totally watchable for almost any Asian drama fan. Also it’s bound to have a lot of young attractive guys that can kick butt and also make awesome breads and desserts! The only really negative thing I can foresee is that there’s bound to be some bad voiceovers with a Japanese actress, but she’s Japanese and therefore I think that is excusable.

Lastly, I think In a Good Way could be really great. I’m totally into the whole throwback dramas that have been popular recently. Also from the trailer and pictures that I’ve seen it looks to be a really nice and friendly romance with cute fluffy Pomeranian puppies! ^^

So what do you guys think about these dramas? What are you currently watching that you really love?

  • Mrs bagnet

    In a Good Way is one of the best dramas I have seen in the past 18 months, and I am including Korean dramas and Japanese dramas as well. It is very mellow without any real villains, which I like. Most of us do not have real villains in our lives either. I really like the friendships between everyone, the female friendships (that I don’t think we see enough of for younger people), the male friendships, and male-female friendships coming first. Lego Lee looks at the heroine (played by Kirsten Ren) with looks that (as I have said elsewhere) would turn chocolate milk into hot chocolate, but it is also so warm and comforting. The fanbase for this is going through the roof. I even follow them on facebook even though I do not know Chinese because i want to see all the pictures!

    • hallyuback

      Super psyched to hear this! I actually just started watching it because I wanted to take a break with a feel good drama after all the melodramatic Korean dramas I’ve been watching. I seriously think that friendship/slice of life/romance is a genre that’s seriously overlooked! ^.^b

  • ladysaotome

    In A Good Way seems to be very popular. I’m just waiting to see if it derails toward the end. As for last year, I loved, loved, loved Just You. And Fabulous Boys was decent though I mainly watched only because Jiro. Funny that there’s a Taiwanese Chocolat when a jdrama with MatsuJun is about to start with a similar name. Though the plots are totally different…

    • hallyuback

      I’ve actually just started In A Good Way myself.. and so far so good! Isn’t it funny and ironic, but I gotta say despite the similarities in names, I don’t really mind 2 dramas about chocolate especially if they’re good! Though I may gain 5 kg just watching! ^.~

  • K_m

    In A Good Way is such a great drama 😀 From the dialogue, to the plot devices, character development, etc. It’s so nice not to have any bitchy characters, and the sismances are really sweet too. Tracy and Bai Xue could’ve easily been the typical bitchy popular girl characters but they’re anything but that

  • Sophie

    I just finished Just You and I found it soooooo freaking good 😀 I recommend it for the ones who want loads of cute moments ! Also now I am anticipating Fall In Love With Me with a lot of the same actors of Just You 😀

  • Magdalena Venegas

    chocolat is really good !!! it´s different from others taiwaneses dramas. it has everything at the same time, love, action and funny scenes, I like so much fight scenes between blue , tet wada and jimmy hung, the ost is really good, but I think it should be longer , 15 ep aren´t enough.I would like to watch a sequel.