Today marks the beginning of our last weekend in the USA and as I keep saying it’s been an awesome trip but we’re excited to get back to Korea as well.


One of my favorite stops was chilling out with a few of my friends in State College, PA and indulging in an old tradition that we started years ago of a Sake, Pocky and Anime Party! I have to say of all of the time in the past year that I’ve spent doing HallyuBack, my love of Japanese culture often gets shelved in the midst of trying to tell people all about Korea, just how cool Richard and I think it is and telling people about all of the new Kdramas coming out. So to take a night and just embrace my love of all things Japan was completely and totally awesome and long overdue – it was after all what got me into Asian dramas in the first place.

With that relatively fresh in my mind I’m really excited to delve into both catching up on all of the fantastic Japanese dramas I’ve overlooked in the past month (HELLO SUMMER NUDE!!) and dig into some of the new ones that are coming out in the upcoming months. Unfortunately, the one I’m looking forward to seeing the most on this list is what I consider freakishly long – 150 episodes and I know that I’ll probably never get past episode #20, but I love Tokyo and I almost ended up in Osaka so I think ‘Thank You for the Meal’ could be really interesting because I could get glimpses of the culture and lifestyle of both and discover better how the cities are different. You know, for the future place to live that I will likely only dream about. I’m also really curious about ‘The Life-Changing, Pulsing Magic of Cleaning Up’ too because I’m a Nakama Yukie fan and well, the whole premise sounds a bit like an anime to me the more I think about it, what with the maids and all.

So that’s my list of new Japanese dramas to watch in September 2013, which ones do you want to see?

The list from the video:

7. Dakishimetai! Forever (抱きしめたい!Forever)

6. Dreaming Transient Dream (あさきゆめみし)

5. Chain of Flowers (花の鎖)

4. Having a Dream Without a Key (鍵のない夢を見る)

3. Thank You For The Meal (ごちそうさん)

2. Glass House (ガラスの家)

1. The Life-Changing, Pulsing Magic of Cleaning Up (literal title)

the bloopers:

  • Magdalenka

    All september drama seams to be great :-)

    But as big Nakama fan and more than big Mokomichi Hayami fan ( I just love His acting and His cooking and Him :-) ) I wait with all my heart for The Life-Changing, Pulsing Magic of Cleaning Up .

    I saw a litle of trailer and look very nice also actors seams to like eachother and have great time together.
    Director also is one of my favorite, His is very nice also .

  • Maria

    Where do you watch all these new dramas? :) A lot of them aren’t on gooddrama yet…