April is always a special month for me. In the northern hemisphere it signifies the beginning of spring. Growing up in the USA, I can’t begin to count the number of times I heard the old adage: April Showers bring May flowers. Well, that may be true, and I will likely be seriously busting out my yellow umbrella this month, but in Korea it’s also the month of cherry blossoms!! What’s more, my dad is talking about coming to visit and all that helps to make it one of my favorite months out of the year. Somehow with everything this video seems even more special.


If I could describe dramas coming out this month simply, I would say: Detectives, Adoption, and unusual stories about love. Some that particularly stand out to myself are: Angel Eyes should be a good Korean melodrama if you’re a fan of Gu Hye Sun (female star of Boys Over Flowers). Personally, I’m not a big fan of her so I probably won’t watch it, but otherwise it looks good. I will however probably watch an episode or 2 of Come Jang Bo Ri, particularly to see what it takes to become a hanbok designer.. it just sounds interesting! How do you make your hanboks stand out and be special? I already talked about Gap Dong before, but I still want to watch it. I’m just happy that Golden Cross decided to go with Kim Kang Woo instead of Park Shi Hoo (no offense peoples but I really don’t like him). I like the idea of Witch’s Romance and want to go watch the Taiwanese Drama now so I have something to compare it to. Big man is a revenge drama which Korea does oh so well and You’re All Surrounded contains some of my current favorite thespians in Asian drama land. Oops ok, so they all look to be worth a second look for me!

The full list of new Korean Dramas of April from the video:

7. Angel Eyes – 엔젤아이즈

6. Come! Jang Bo Ri – 왔다! 장보리

5. Gap Dong – 갑동이

4. Golden Cross – 골든 크로스

3. Witch’s Romance – 마녀의 연애 

2. Big Man – 빅맨

1. You’re All Surrounded – 너희들은 포위됐다

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April is certainly a month of changes. But, with cherry blossoms, dramas, the launch of the Hallyu Back online store and the possibility of hugging my dad in my adopted country, I’m super excited where it’s going!

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