It’s official, the weather is starting to get colder in Korea! And nothing makes me want to cuddle up under warm blankets and watch a drama like the cold. That being said, it’s a great time for Korea to come out with some fantastic new dramas and it looks like this month is going to at least give it a go!


To be honest, I put 7 dramas in this list and I didn’t even include all of the new dramas coming out this month! So I picked and chose the dramas that I think stand the chance of being the most popular or at least those I knew enough information on to talk about!

Birth of a Beauty is one that I know is going to be a popular drama. It’s got extremely attractive and popular enough stars and the plotline is designed to be glamorous. I’d probably get more excited by it but I find the whole storyline to be rather shallow and skin deep, though I know they’ll throw in some redeeming moral of this story. Regardless I’ll check it out, although a bit reluctantly. Who knows, I’ll probably love it. I find that has a habit of happening!

The King’s Face is another drama that I think stands a chance if only because it’s the only saeguk or historical drama that’s really coming out this month and they tend to draw in a significant regular crowd. I was never really into historical dramas until I started HallyuBack, but now I’m a fan. It also helps that Seo In Guk is playing the lead, he’s proven himself to be a bit swoonworthy these last two years!

But the drama to see this month is definitely going to be Pinocchio. Admittingly, right now this one is kinda creeping me out if only because I watched this trailer back to back with the new Avengers Age of Ultron movie.. >.< Not cool yo! Beyond that creepiness though, this one’s going to be a hit if only because of the stars. While I’m currently loving Greatest Marriage and am not looking forward to another drama starring news reporters, but I will certainly tune in for these two. I adore Lee Jong Seok. I think he’s one of the best young actors in Korean dramas today and am glad he’s getting another drama in to solidify his acting ability before Yoo Seung Ho gets out of military service because to me he’s the only competition really close in age. As for Park Shin Hye, she’s one of the best young actresses in her 20’s. I’ve made a whole video about it, but my only issue is that it’s about time she learns how to kiss in a drama. Otherwise, I’m a fan and after a record year last year, think she’s played her cards smart in this year’s choice of roles.

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Winner will be announced on the LIVE CHAT #dramatalk November 8th 2014 11pm Korean time.

The Full list from the video:

7. Run Jang Mi – 달려라 장미
6. Love Frequency 37.2 – 사랑 주파수 37.2
5. Dr. Frost – 닥터 프로스트
4. Birth of a Beauty – 미녀의 탄생
3. The King’s Face – 왕의 얼굴
2. Valid Love – 일리있는 사랑
1. Pinocchio – 피노키오

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  • Rovelyn Olac Amontoc


  • Karen Shortell

    I love the Flower Boy Next Door panda hat (and it might even fit me,) I also love the gong hyo jin button up collar top, but that is no where near big enough for me. The misfit skull shirt would be fun to give to my grandchildren.

  • mia

    omg i really really really want that bag. i cant find it anywhere in the UK + my parents wouldn’t let me buy it because it cost so much (im 15 so i cant really use a card to buy it) :'(. please pick me !! ill luv you forever!! (oh and p.s. nice Halloween make-up/ tattoo! :) looking forward to the next video
    bye! :)
    oh and from the website the best thing was the SHINee necklace and the My Love From The Star Jun Ji Hyun Bow Necklace <3

  • AridaMiku

    I really liked these. So Kawaii. I cant get any korean stuff in canada so it suck. Though i do spend a majority of my time on the internet for kdrama and asia things, though i cant buy them online with my debit card

  • Eileen Mae U. Chan

    My Top 7 Gavorite Items from ToFebruary:
    1. The Master’s Sun necklace
    2. 49 Days teardrop necklace
    3. Korean Styled black top
    4. Plaided floral collar top
    5. The Heirs Park Shin Hye stripes top
    6. Mini pink bow headband
    7. Korean styled horse purse

  • Deidre Crummitt

    Hey guys! Thanks for letting us know about the ToFebruary site! Now I have another place to spend money, weee! I really like the Bee phone case for the Galaxy S4:

  • Julia

    I love Park Shin Hye Backpack from The Heirs. It’s my favourite!