For many, becoming an international university student in Korea is an exciting venture!! Every year it seems more and more international students are choosing to attend Korean universities. More and more people from around the world are beginning to consider a Korean university for their post high school education.. and why not?

At least from our experience, generally speaking, there are two types of students that come to Korea to study at university: those that come for a semester (or a year) and those that come for the entire 4 years it takes to graduate with a diploma. There are also other conditions students come here, such as for graduate work, or to study for their PhD. These opportunities are also available to qualified candidates. Look at me, you’d think I’m sponsored by the Korean tourism society or something. ;p (I’m not)

Kickin’ It in KHU – Henrique from Brazil

There are a ton of international students on campus at KHU (Kyung Hee University) where Richard teaches, and this is also where I currently go to school! Back in 2010, the university approached Richard to create a video series highlighting the international community on campus, and making videos about their academic and social lives. He created a show on YouTube called ‘Kickin’ It in KHU’ and casted two students for the first season. One was a graduate student from Brazil majoring in International Studies, and the other was an undergraduate student from Kazakhstan majoring in Economics. The show followed them around in their daily lives on and off campus, and better introduced just how much international students play a role in the atmosphere on campus to Korean students there.

Kickin’ It in KHU – Kerim from Kazakhstan

Richard has been teaching there for 5 years now. He actually introduced the program to me when I found out I was losing my position as a professor at Suwon Science College due to changes in their visa policy. Qualifications for university teaching positions for foreigners in Korea are rising, and most (if not nearly ALL) positions require a minimum of a Master’s degree to teach English. In some western countries (at least in the U.S.) this is standard. Now Korea is adopting this policy too.

So, when Richard and I were considering our options for my future in Korea, getting a Master’s degree seemed like a good one. That’s why I’m studying now. I go into more detail about that in the video.

We REEEEEEAAAAAALLY enjoyed making this video because we got to talk about something we are very familiar with. We also spent a recent afternoon walking around campus, just goofing around and we made a video doing it. We love our campus here, and I’m enjoying my time as a grad. Student as much as I can. I mean, I have more homework than I care to admit, and yet most of the time it’s still pretty fun. I’m blabbing too much here….. lol

Thanks you guys for watching and reading this and supporting all we do! We really do appreciate it!!!

PS- If you’ve read this far and are still reading these words right now, I have a little surprise to share with you: I am going to try to do my first live chat EVER this Friday, November 15th 2013, with specific time TBA. Exciting? YES!!! Nerve-wracking? YES! Will it be about dramas? YES drama talk will definitely be included. But I will make an official announcement about this probably tomorrow on Facebook and Twitter. I’m out!

  • Ugne


    I’ve been watching your videos for a while now, they are great by the way! And I wanted to ask you for advice.
    I am 23 years old, and currently finishing my psychology major (4 years)…and I’m considering majoring in Visual Communication Design (in College on Design), in Kookmin university, maybe (I think they offer a scholarship there). And so one of the requirements is an “Interview and Performance Test (For the College of Design, Arts only)”. But I have no idea what it is about.
    I think I saw somewhere that koreans have to pass some kind of skill test for their university entrance exam, and if they, for example, want to do engineering, but are bad in math, they can’t go?
    Is this performance test something like that? Is there some way to know what do I have
    to do in the test, so I can prepare for it? Where do I search for that info? I always loved art and I want to try studying it, but actually I have zero preparation. So I’m kinda insecure about it…haha Do you have any advice?

    The current application dates are 2014 11 10 – 11 28, but because I have to finish my major, I’d like to do it next year. Is 24 year too old for going to university there? How about in 3 years? I live in Spain, and here we don’t have age limits, but how about Korea?

    Sorry if my english sounds strange (it’s not my native language),
    and really thanks in advance.