Vagina Boat Artist Megumi Igarashi also known as ろくでなし子 meaning ‘Good for nothing girl’ or literally translated by Google as ‘Bastard Artist’ was arrested in Japan again for offering 3D prints of her vagina to people who donated to help her create a 3D kayak with an imprint of her vagina on it. We weigh in and offer our reactions in this segment of HallyuBack News.

Yesterday’s HallyuBack News – New Lee Min Ho Drama in 2015?

  • ladysaotome

    Not to be a party-pooper but I thought you’d want the feedback – I really don’t care for the new segment – the focus of tabloid fodder, the belching intro, etc. It’s one thing to skip over the segments I don’t care about but I still see the titles all over my Facebook news-feed & You-tube video-feed. As Deidre Crummitt so obviously pointed out on my last comment, you can post/discuss whatever you like. But I’ve watched fewer and fewer of the videos over the last few months because I have to filter through these articles and it’s not worth the hassle. So I’ve decided to unsubscribe and I just wanted to honestly share why.