This has to be the most difficult video we’ve ever had to upload. But there’s really no way to beat around the bush when you upload daily videos of your life. We’ve struggled tremendously deciding how to let all of you know that we’ve decided to make a major change in our life. As it is, this change is big. But when we have all of you guyz who watch our videos for many different reasons, including whether you truly like us as people, whether you really like seeing the Korean stuff, or some sort of combination of the two, it just adds to the stress of it all. No other way to say it.

It’s great having the support of a community on YouTube, but it’s also a responsibility. This decision did not come lightly or easily by any stretch. But I think if you watch the video closely, you’ll start to see clues as to why it’s simply necessary for us at this point.

Without going into it any further here, please just check out the video. And also, if you’ve been a fan of our vlogs in Korea please do continue to watch them. We will continuing vlogging right up until the day we leave and then continue of course once we’re back home too. As much as we hate to leave this place we are super excited for the future, and hope you guyz will continue to support us whereever we live. We truly appreciate each and every one of you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Yesterday’s Video – Writing a Thesis in Korea

  • Marina

    Good Luck in whatever you decide to do!!!

  • ashtenmorgan

    wow I’m so surprise ^^ I’ve just got to know you guys these 6ish months

    But, it’s another journey that you guys are doing and I’m so proud that you guys decide this and tell us about it.

    Where are you moving to ? FL?

  • Melinda Lipinski

    hurray for new adventures and new experiences. I hope its everything you guys anticipate it to be!

  • Jean Poulot

    That was quite the surprise!

  • David Ricci

    Sort of saw it comming.

  • Turner Wright

    That is a shocker. And so soon? I would have thought you would have need more notice for the jobs and apartment. Well, it’s been good watching you guys. Hopefully see you stateside? Where will you be based?

  • Karen Shortell

    We don’t love you just because of your information about Korea. We love you because you are you. I certainly hope you continue to do your vlog when you get back here, and I am certain you will continue to vlog about Korean and other Asian dramas, Steph. Good luck with your move, and let us know for certain when it will be.

  • Nic (MyKoreanHusband)

    Good luck with the move and next chapter of your life! ^^

  • Deidre Crummitt

    I wish you guys all the best in the next leg of your journey! *cough*letshangoutintheus*cough*

  • sunny bunny

    Good luck!I really enjoyed your videos.Learnt a lot about Korea and hoped to meet you in trip there.But i guess life is cyclical and needs flow.Take care! xxx

  • Yas Mine

    Oh I’m so sad ! But I admire the courage you have to take such a big step, my family has been talking about moving out of the house I grew up in and just the thought of it pains my heart.. I couldn’t imagine being in your place! But I guess it’s exciting and terrifying at the same time, right?

    I do see why you want to go back and I as a fan fully support your decision. Although while watching the video I just started thinking of random things like : you’re not gonna watch the cherry blossoms in spring, you’re not gonna be able to eat that tasty korean food anymore, no more trips to Seoul.. Uhh that’s just the kind of person I am, I hate change lol.

    Anyway, like a fan f yours likes to say : You keep posting, I’ll keep watching! Wherever that may be :)

  • Elif Yalin

    Definitely unexpected and big news. Maybe most of as start watching you because all information about Korea but after all we start like to been with you, listening and company your jorney.

    Good luck and all my good wishes and thought with you guys…

  • uglyelf

    are you continue upload videos where you are live ?

  • meggykitty

    Good luck! I will miss your korea videos but will continue to watch to see how life goes for you! Safe travels!