This summer has been crazy! For one, we’ve been home for over a month now and it’s time for us to get back to Korea. While it’s really nice to come home and see the folks and all that, our home is in Korea. That’s where my husband and I are used to laying our head together in the same bed. We’ve made a home there, and for the time being, that’s where our home is. Oh, and did I mention we really like our life there!

Secondly, can I just say that it’s been a whirlwind of a summer! When we arrived here we came in through New York. We spent the first few nights with Richard’s folks, and then we headed to Pennsylvania. After that has become sort of a blur. We went on vacation shortly after that with Richard’s family to Seneca Lake in NY State. There I painted on the dock and my father came to visit. That was the best. I was so happy about that. It was the first time for him to meet Richard parents and it was just so good to final have the chance to get everyone together.

When all that finished I was back in PA visiting some friends before heading the New York City! We drove all the way into Astoria in Queens from Central PA on a Saturday, the weather AND traffic both cooperating quite nicely on the drive in. Once there, we headed over to the local Beer Garden with friends to take the edge off.

There, I ran into one of the very first people I ever met after arriving to Korea. Holy cheese balls, how could that have happened? I met Yuri when I was first in Korea, in Gangnam. We had dinner together one night and the rest is history. Oh, did I mention she was amongst the first ever group of people I had my first real Korean dinner with? Running into an old friend I first met in Korea in 2009 by accident only an hour or so after I just arrived to NYC in 2013? How crazy is that?!?!! After that we headed back to Penn., only to return to NY eventually to where I am right now.

We’ve eaten some amazing food, and virtually everywhere we go people treat with not only kindness and respect, but with a home-cooked meal as well. We can’t even believe how well we’ve been treated here, it’s ridiculous. Home-cooked meals like lobster tail, enchiladas, and hot dogs cooked over the camp fire with smores and mountain pies for dessert. Shoot, we’ve even been thru full-on family gatherings where strange things have been known to occur. And that meal, home-cooked by Richard’s mother, was delicious!

It’s been a never ending escapade of figuring out who we are, re-connecting with our roots, and discovering our country again since we live so far away. The funny part?!? We miss our adopted home country. We have a life there. We exist there. We’ve been in America so long that it’s now time to get back to business.

We made this video because, at this point, we are longing for Korea. There are things that we are used to there that we cannot get here. Like, for example, the spicy food. Crazy as it may sound, we’ve been eating an awful lot of tasty American food that we never get to eat in Korea! Not only mom and dad’s home cookin’, but all the other dishes we’ve eaten. From our friends inviting us over for dinner to dining out, America has actually been a bit overwhelming. We are not used to eating like this at all, and this country is starting to make me a bit fat. Both of us. It’s ugly, but it’s happening. Truth be told, we cannot wait to get back to a regular schedule where we can also fit a bit of (long overdue) exercise in.

Now just let me enjoy my one more helping of peach cobbler I got left here..

  • Terra Sean

    Oh gosh I love your videos! Some friends and I are considering going to a language school in Seoul after graduating from college. Have you done a video about the difference in US vs. Korean College life?

    • hallyuback

      We haven’t done a video on that – thanks for the suggestion!