This is a drama that’s all about Matsuta Shota. Not sure if they wrote this drama specifically with Shota in mind, but this one had to have a strong lead. With him in the lead, they are showcasing his acting front and center. And why wouldn’t they? He is sort of like the Lee Seung Gi of Japan.. except he’s been around longer than him. He made his splash into the drama world with Hana Yori Dango back in 2005, and he hasn’t stopped since.

About the drama. Every episode he plays Tokage, which means lizard. He is a private investigator that they liken to a lizard because he blends into backgrounds like a chameleon, and is great at what he does. He’s also ridiculously cutthroat. Sort of like a lizard that sacrifices its tale (which would eventually grow back), he would sacrifice himself for the people around them in order to apprehend the culprit.

Every episode he plays a different character. This episode 1, he plays an inspector from the department of health. In another episode he’ll play a teacher or a doctor, and etc., etc. So in essence, it’s really showcasing his acting abilities being able to play all these different characters effectively. It’s impressive.

What’s less impressive to me is the actually mysteries themselves. Trying to wrap up and solve a new mystery every episode, episode by episode, is a bit depthless. You get a whole bunch of new character sin a short period of time, and this causes less intrigue because its more about what he can do less about building an suspenseful mystery plotline. What I do want to see as it unravels is how all of these episodes come together with an overarching story. I’m curious to see what his story actually is, and who he came to be who he is today in the drama. And of course how a female lead plays into all of this.

One thing is for sure, blockbuster drama or not, if you like Shota, this one is for you. Heck, it’s for all of us!

the bloopers^^

  • ladysaotome

    So it’s a little like, what if Kurosaki was a detective instead of a kurosagi?